John Kasich Tells CNN’s Don Lemon Not All Trump Supporters Are Bad: ‘Some of Them Are Redeemable’

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) heaped praised on President Joe Biden in a Tuesday interview with CNN’s Don Lemon and said he found at least some of former President Donald Trump’s voters to be “redeemable.”

“Republicans are kind of thinking they did well, you know, in the state and local elections,” Kasich told Lemon. “They did. But you knoow why they did well is — they ran a campaign saying Democrats wanted to defund police, that they’re socialist, you know, that they’re going to completely wreck the economy. Now that we elected Joe Biden — and, you know, I think …. he’s getting pretty good grades from people who are not just in the political bubble. People around are saying they like his tone, they like the way he’s approaching thin.”

In a recent Hill/HarrisX poll, Biden’s initial job approval hit 63 percent, a full 18 percentage points higher than his predecessor’s first mark as president and far above the best job approval Trump ever enjoyed in four years.

Kasich, who unsuccessfully ran against Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, served as Ohio’s governor from 2011-19 after spending years as a Fox News contributor and serving for nearly two decades as a Republican member of the United States House. But he endorsed Biden in the 2020 election against Trump, and said in 2016 that he voted for the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as a write-in candidate against Trump in the general election.

“Honestly, Don, what we have to ask ourselves are, who’s redeemable?” Kasich added. “Who we bring over to say this is — this is just wrong. This never happened this way. And we’ve got to figure out how to talk to some of those people and reach them, Don, and get them back.”

Kasich’s remarks prompted Lemon to start chuckling. “For a moment, I thought I was watching a repeat of one of my shows from a while back,” Lemon said, before Kasich resumed speaking.

“I’m as frustrated as you are, man,” Kasich said. “Think about what I’ve been doing for the last five years. Think of all the people that have been criticizing — and I can take it. It’s not bothering me. Really, it isn’t. I’ve taken heat too. But if I lose my patience, I lose them. Some of them are redeemable. I can tell you they are. And you know that some of them are, don’t you? You’ve met them. They’ve gone up to you and said, ‘Lemon, you’re right.’”

“This is not a question of redeeming people,” Lemon protested. “It’s not my job to judge people or redeem them.”

“I’m talking about bringing them back — pull them away from these crazy theories out here,” Kasich replied, in an apparent allusion to the “big lie” election fraud and QAnon conspiracies.

Watch above via CNN.

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