Photos Of Bill Clinton And Bernie Sanders At Biden Inauguration Make The Rounds On Social Media

It is still unclear if President Joe Biden will truly be able to unify such a deeply divided country. Yet, no matter which side of the aisle you are on, you’d have to admit that on Wednesday there was still some humor to be found based on what was posted on social media from the inauguration.

There were countless photos that circulated on Twitter of the newly sworn in President Biden on Wednesday afternoon, but a few that trended on social media weren’t of either President Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Instead, a former president and a former presidential hopeful may have stolen the spotlight.

Wake Up Bill

First there were the photos of President Bill Clinton apparently nodding off during Biden’s speech.

@mayorofohio420 was among those who quickly tweeted, “LMAO BILL CLINTON’S SLEEPING DURING BIDEN’S SPEECH”

@STFguitar added, “Somebody wake bill Clinton. Dudes sleeping through another inauguration like it’s September or something”

@mrsmehta was spot-on with the snarky dig, “What’s the deal? Either he’s sleepy or sleeping around!”

Even the official Twitter account of British tabloid The Daily Mail (@DailyMail) took aim at President 42, “Bill Clinton appears to FALL ASLEEP during Biden inauguration”

Sanders Alone

Then there was the photo of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) sitting alone with his legs cross, looking to be his jovial self. Many on Twitter and Facebook quickly noted that he was certainly taking social distancing seriously while he was of course mocked endlessly.

@jacobinmag suggested, “when centrism is too much.”

The democratic socialist from Vermont was lightheartedly teased for sitting apparently alone while trying to stay warm. Even the People for Bernie (@People4Bernie) got in on the act, posting, “Caption contest”

However, one caption that might not have been so appreciated came from @BanquoDyar, which read, “When you have less friends in DC than Ted Cruz.”

Nicolas Heller (@NuevaYorkNico) showed off his Photoshop skills and posted edited photos of Sanders to great effect, “I’m once again asking for some hand warmers. (Made by me and @naomiotsu)”

@ExResurgam took it even further, promoting Sen. Sanders’ platform showing an edited photo with the lawmaker at a “Medicare For All” sign up table.

@HistoryMuppet also used Photoshop and put Sanders in the balcony from The Muppets Show standing in for heckler Statler alongside equally snide Waldorf, with the spot on caption, “If I wanted to sit and watch a bunch of bad routines, I’d go back to congress!”

@Bloodyj4ck not only mocked the photo, but called out the cost of the clothing worn by the democratic socialist at Wednesday’s event, “to much drip” suggesting an outfit that could have set back the Senator upwards of around $2,500 – but it is likely the ensemble cost far less.

Then there was pop culture outlet Vulture (@vulture), which took aim at Sanders’ posture and his choice of mittens, “The post. The mittens. The social distance.”

However there was actually a bit more to the story about Sanders’ mittens, according to BuzzFeed political reporter Ruby Cramer (@rubycramer), who tweeted, “Bernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and was surprised when he began wearing them on the campaign trail. They are made from repurposed wool sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.”

These tweets may not do much to heal, but it showed that many could find humor at a time when we could all use a laugh.

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