‘The Mob Was Not Interested in Unity’: Don Lemon Torches House Republicans Over Their Sudden, Conveniently-Timed Concern for ‘Dividing America’

CNN host Don Lemon called out Congressional Republicans for their transparently hypocritical concerns about “dividing America,” voiced during a vote for an impeachment of a president who incited a violent, partisan mob to attack the very building they were standing in.

Addressing the historically large, bipartisan consensus for impeaching Donald Trump a second time, Lemon took dead aim at how many in the House GOP attempted to claim holding the president accountable for the Capitol assault was somehow as bad as the insurrection itself.

“There were 197 Republicans who voted against impeachment. We saw an awful lot of cowardice and false equivalence on the House floor today,” Lemon said after a clip of Congressman trying to conflate the pro-Trump rioters with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. “Blaming the MAGA mob riot on Black Lives Matter? Next.”

The CNN host then played a clip of Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) inexplicably bringing up anti-Trump comments by Robert de Niro and Madonna to justify opposing impeachment.

“Did I miss something?” Lemon asked sarcastically. “Is Robert de Niro president? Madonna maybe. Is Madonna president? Did I miss something? I don’t know. Maybe in an alternative facts universe they are. And we heard one Republican after another spouting empty rhetoric about unity. One week after Trump supporters ran wild on the House floor where the vote took place today, ran wild after the President of the United States incited them. So let’s be very clear here. That mob was not interested in unity. That mob was not interested in conservative principles. Unless conservative principles is inciting an insurrection. And storming the capitol. And leaving feces behind and urine. Unless that’s what it is. Okay, then maybe.”

Lemon then noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did admit that Trump “bears responsibility” for the actions of the MAGA rioters.

“But then he launches into the old ‘Can’t we all get along…’” Lemon pointed out. “Interesting now they’re saying unity, unity, unity, when they would not stop Trump from dividing for years. Now unity. Huh. It rings hollow.”

“Kevin McCarthy also signed on to the bogus Texas election lawsuit that was so meritless it was thrown out of the Supreme Court,” Lemon added, noting that, just two days after Election Day, McCarthy was baselessly claiming Trump “won this election.”

Finally, the CNN host showed a clip of newly-elected North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn (NC), who bemoaned on the House floor that “dividing America will not save this Republic.”

“Well, they, whewww,” a stunned Lemon said, as the screen cut back to him. “That would have been great if they could have all gotten around in a room and said that very same thing to Donald Trump. But no. It wasn’t politically expedient. ‘Dividing America won’t save the Republic.’ What?”

Cawthorn, Lemon then pointed out, made his first public statement after winning his seat a childish taunt of his liberal ideological opponents — a phrase he’s so enamored with that he now sells T-shirts displaying it on his campaign website.

“I didn’t see any unity shirts,” Lemon observed. “Hmm. Wonder why. Hypocrisy. 197 Republicans voted against impeachment, even after everything we have seen over the past week, yet here we are.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.


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