‘We Don’t Need Courts’: Rudy Giuliani Complains About Judges Rejecting Election Cases

Rudy Giuliani complained about judges rejecting the Trump legal team’s election cases on Sean Hannity’s show Friday night.

Hannity, who has provided an uncritical platform for the Trump legal team’s case (and repeated some claims that have been fact-checked by his own colleagues), continued touting what Giuliani and others are alleging about the vote count.

Just today, the effort to overturn results in several states was dealt blow after blow after blow. An Arizona judge rejected claims from that state’s Republican party, a Nevada judge smacked down the Trump camp’s case there, the Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected another attempt by Trump allies, and the Michigan Court of Appeals rejected the Trump team’s appeal there.

With growing losses at the Trump team’s feet, Hannity continued talking up all the affidavits they have and insisted “we’re talking about enough votes to overturn the election.”

Giuliani said in Nevada, “The judge has completely changed the law. He’s created a fantasy out of the law.”

He complained about the judge and said, “He’s accomplished what he wants to accomplish. He’s delaying things. I’m sorry to say he’s a Democrat. And you can’t tell me he made this decision based on his legal knowledge unless he really didn’t go to law school.”

Giuliani — whose own antics have been seriously questioned by legal experts — went on to say, “The reason I went to the state legislatures is because I saw what the courts were doing, and I wanted to go around them so the facts could get out.”

“A Georgia court wouldn’t have allowed us to put those witnesses on. The legislature did it. In Michigan, the same thing. We had two Democrat judges and they weren’t allowing us to put witnesses on,” he said.

Some of the judges that have rejected cases from the Trump legal team are Trump appointees.

“The simple fact is, we don’t need courts,” Giuliani declared. “The United States Constitution gives sole power to the state legislature to decide presidential elections.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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