Local TV Investigation Thoroughly Debunks ‘Smoking Gun’ Conspiracy Theory Pushed by Rudy Giuliani About GA Ballot Counting Video

A local TV news station in Atlanta thoroughly dismantled yet another conspiracy theory being promoted by the Trump campaign as “smoking gun” evidence, going frame by frame through the video in question to debunk every one of the claims.

On Friday evening, WSB Channel 2 challenged an explosive but baseless claim made by Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who tweeted out a short clip of CCTV surveillance video taken from Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. It showed Georgia election workers pulling ballot boxes out from under a table and then feeding them in to electronic scanners for counting. Giuliani claimed this occurred after election observers had been ordered away and the ballot boxes were actually surreptitiously-placed “suitcases” of phony ballots for Biden.

But as WSB investigative reporter Justin Gray explained, almost everything Giuliani said happened did not.

“We spent a lot of time today with the state’s lead investigator,” Gray noted. “We looked at that video for hours, going through it very carefully, looking not just at that short clip that Rudy Giuliani shared, but also the critical hours before it and after it, going through the chain of custody for those ballots in question the entire time.”

WSB then ran footage of Gray reviewing the video with a Georgia Secretary of State investigator and the state’s election chief, Gabriel Sterling, who has called out President Donald Trump for fueling violent threats against state officials and blasted the president’s rambling, 46-minute Facebook election rant as “looney tunes.”

Georgia election investigator Frances Watson elaborated on what the full video revealed.

“We can show. yeah exactly when [the ballot boxes] were placed under there,” she pointed out.

“If we go back in the video hours before, you can see that table being brought into the room at 8:22 a.m. Nothing underneath. No hidden suitcases. Then we can see at 10:00p.m., with a room full of people, including official monitors in the media, as ballots that have been opened but not counted are placed in the boxes sealed up and stored under the table,” Gray reported.

Sterling also shot down Giuliani’s distorted misinformation.

“No magical appearing ballots, these were ballots that were processed in front of monitors,” he explained. “These are just typical everyday election workers who were just doing their jobs. I mean, it’s not like this is an Oceans 11-level scheme has put together in the middle of the night.”

Gray wrapped up his report noting that Watson had reviewed all the relevant video and facts about the claim and concluded there was “no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing.”

Watch the video above, via WSB-TV.

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