DC Attorney General Calls Out Ivanka Trump for ‘Entirely Misleading’ Spin on Her Deposition in Inauguration Fraud Probe

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine ripped First Daughter and White House advisor Ivanka Trump for her “entirely misleading” spin about her recent deposition in his fraud investigation of the Trump 2017 Inauguration Committee.

After news reports revealed Trump had been brought to be questioned about her role in the Inauguration Committee’s use of Trump properties and her knowledge of alleged rampant overcharging of the committee. The First Daughter’s emails to former Trump campaign aide — and convicted felon — Rick Gates were reportedly a key piece of the investigation and the focus of her deposition.

Racine, however, told CNN host Erin Burnett that he presented several examples of Ivanka Trump’s first-hand knowledge of gouging the committee.

“So give me some of those, if you will, in the context of Ivanka Trump’s deposition,” Burnett asked. “The payments and who paid whom and how much, was she cooperative and give us an example that she has to respond to.”

Racine proceeded to pointed to the Trump hotel charging $175,000 for an event space that was simultaneously booked by a non-profit for $5,000. Similarly, the committee paid the Trump Hotel $300,000 for space that was never even used. Finally, he highlighted another $300,000 charge to the committee by the hotel for celebrations honoring the Trump children, who should have been officially feted using taxpayer dollars.

“What we have here, to be quiet honest, is a family that is used to using other people’s money, OPM, for their own purposes,” Racine said. “That’s unlawful.”

Burnett then noted that, in the wake of her testimony, Ivanka Trump lashed out at the probe, calling it a “waste of taxpayer dollars” and accused it of being “another politically motivated demonstration of vindictiveness.”

“So what do you say to that?” the CNN host pressed.

“I would have to say that Ivanka Trump was, indeed, professional and presented herself in a cooperative manner in her deposition,” Racine said, before changing his tone. “I think the tale that she’s telling after the deposition is entirely misleading. What that email shows is what we tried to establish, and that is that Ivanka Trump was in the decision making loop as to what charges were to be made against the Presidential Inauguration Committee.”

“Those examples were examples that we know that she was aware of,” he reiterated. “With respect to the claims of partisanship, we live in America. I can bring a complaint, they get a chance to defend it. Our system of justice, a judge will be the final arbiter. That’s where the justice will come.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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