Jake Tapper Buries Trump Team’s ‘Literally Insane’ Election Attacks: People’s Legacies Will Be Marred by This ‘Clownish Failed… Coup’

Jake Tapper closed out CNN’s State of the Union smacking down the Trump team’s legal fight as a self-evident farce rife with baseless conspiracy theories, and calling on people in government who have been silent to speak up in the face of these attacks.

Tapper recapped the Trump team’s continued legal failures, particularly the ruling in Pennsylvania Saturday night in which a judge made it clear he would not invalidate millions of votes because of what they’re claiming.

“That is, in a nutshell, the Trump case,” Tapper said. “Throw out millions of legal votes so as to overturn the will of the voters and undermine democracy.”

He quoted the judge saying the Trump team offered “trained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations” before saying more bluntly, “The Trump team’s argument to the public that millions of votes were stolen through election software is quite literally insane. It is the upside down. Wild invocations of Hugo Chavez and George Soros. No evidence, no proof.”

Tapper noted the embarrassing Michigan/Minnesota mix-up and commended the election officials — particularly Republican ones — doing their jobs in the midst of this absurdity.

He contrasted them with Republicans in Washington “failing miserably at the job” and administration officials “who have proven willing to degrade themselves, to serve the president’s brittle spirit instead of the Constitution and the American people.”

Tapper made a point of calling out GSA administrator Emily Murphy, who has yet to formally begin the Joe Biden transition.

And with Pennsylvania certifying its results Monday, Tapper concluded, “Emily Murphy’s legacy will be written in stone tomorrow, in all likelihood. What will that legacy be? And how many more of you watching this here in Washington, D.C., are willing to have your legacies be that you played a role in what will inevitably be recorded by history as a clownish, failed — and please God we hope non-violent — coup.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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