GOP Senators Pan ‘Sh*t Show’ Trump-Biden Debate: An ‘Embarrassment,’ ‘Exhausting,’ ‘Awful’

Last night’s presidential debate has been roundly panned for being “chaos” and “a shit show,” among other things, and even some Republican lawmerks went on the record they eren’t exactly happy about it either.

Senator Ben Sasse agreed with the “shit show” characterization, Mitt Romney called it an embarrassment, and a number of Republicans in particular were really not happy with the president not more explicitly condemning white supremacy when confronted:

Over on Fox News Wednesday afternoon, Rand Paul called it “exhausting to watch,” said it wasn’t very informative, and even straight-up suggested the candidates shouldn’t be in the same room and moderators should instead interview them separately.

Ted Cruz — who took several shots at Chris Wallacetold Hugh Hewitt it was a “messy” “slugfest” and added, “I don’t think either side changed the fundamentals of the election. I think everyone who was with Trump at the beginning is still with him. I think everyone who was with Biden at the beginning is still with him.”

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