Ryan Garcia Is Winning Inside And Outside Of The Ring

Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer with an undefeated record of 20-0. He has held the WBC Silver Lightweight Title since 2019. But Ryan is much more than a great boxer. He’s also a social media influencer, frequently collaborating with huge social media stars, like Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio. 

Garcia has over 7 million followers on Instagram, 2 million on TikTok, 500,00 on Twitter and another 500,000 on his new YouTube channel

He’s constantly creating content on every platform. It could be a dance for TikTok, a boxing challenge for his YouTube channel or a training video for Instagram. 

His strategy is working. He has the second largest social media following of any boxer. Only Floyd Mayweather has a larger following.

Garcia has been frequently criticized for his social media presence in the boxing community. Garcia said, “I got so much s*** for collabing with Addison and Dixie. I’m like, ‘Are you guys crazy? These are like the biggest influencers in the world. Are you serious?’ To me that was a cool collab.”

Others think it’s taking time away from his boxing career. Garcia said, “They say, ‘What are you doing? That will distract you from your match.’ I’m like, ‘It can’t. We’re only there for an hour for a collab and it’s after training.’ I’m just having fun. What am I supposed to do? Go home and rest?”

It’s paying off financially. When I asked him how much of his money comes from boxing versus social media, he said, “I’d say 75% influencing and 25% from boxing.”

That split is pretty eye opening. Name another pro athlete who makes more money on social media than they do at their day job. Could you imagine if Floyd Mayweather made most his money for creating content on social media?

While he is an influencer, he differs in other social media influencers by how he grows his following. Garcia said, “I just keep fighting, and keep winning, and my engagement keeps going higher. I don’t have to be that much on it, like other influencers. They have to be constantly on their TikTok game. I’ll hop on TikTok, shoot a video once in a while, and I’ll get 3 million views and gain 500,000 followers and I’m out for like 2 weeks. These guys have to keep going.”

He also doesn’t get to have the carefree career of many influencers because of his rigorous training program, which takes a significant amount of his time. He said, “These guys are all in one house just having fun. The biggest stress they have is that they have to post today.”

His social media platform has allowed him to enter a world that few boxers experience. Influencers are now working with high end fashion houses because they can carry the brand’s message to their massive following. Garcia is part of this trend and will be walking in Rihanna’s runway show.

He’s also used his platform to share his struggles with anxiety. Garcia said, “I’m learning what triggers me. What to stay away from. What I do like and what I don’t like. To me, I’ve learned so much about myself that now I’m a stronger person. But I still deal with anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t go away.”

He’s also monetizing social media following. Like any good influencer, Garcia will soon have merch out in October and he also has his own Funko figurine coming out around the same time. He also has a collaboration with DIME sunglasses that will be released soon.

He is determined to make a fortune whether inside or outside of the ring. Garcia said, “I’m just going to keep beating the s*** out of everyone until they pay me billions or I become the biggest influencer and make millions. I’ve got to find a way.”

Garcia’s next fight, against Luke Campbell, will be announced on Monday.

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