People Escape Their Quarantine Blues Through These Satirical Twitter Musings

For many across America, the new coronavirus has restricted entertainment options like Disneyland. Thankfully, the creators of @Disneyland2go and @JurassicPark2go offer musings to pass the exceptional dullness of lock downs and closings.

PJ Evans started @Disneyland2go in 2015 as a “sort of dunk on capitalism through the lens of one of the biggest corporations on earth” and @JurassicPark2go was born in the beginning of July after Evans saw the success of @Disneyland2go and wanted to make jokes about his favorite movie.

“It wouldn’t be super far fetched if Jurassic Park opened. The world is on fire. Disney World is reopening amid a global pandemic, Kanye is running for president, Trump IS president,” the 27-year-old New York City writer told me. “Nothing is surprising anymore. I think people are flocking to the account because the line between parody and reality are so blurred now that it’s believable enough to be like ‘ah f**k’ but also laugh, hopefully.”

In just a month, the account’s audience has grown to more than 230,000 followers.

To start @JurassicPark2go, Evans gave several of his favorite Twitter follows “the keys to the account” to see what jokes they can come up with.

“It’s great because, selfishly, I get to enjoy jokes from some of my favorite people about my favorite thing,” Evans told me. “I just told them all to go crazy. We have a big group message going and we’ll workshop stuff in it like a writer’s room, but mostly it’s just people firing off Tweets with no notice. It’s always fun to try and guess which tweet came from who. You’ll know it came from Rajat if it’s nasty. And if it’s political it came from Carmen.”

Evan’s partners in Jurassic Park-parody crime include Raina Morris, Luke Denman, Morgan Evans, Rajat Suresh, Colin Burgess, Carmen Christopher, Jay Weingarten, Sarah Squirm, Alyssa Stonoha, Julie Greiner, and Joey Garcia.

“I hope people can just laugh at the absurdity of it all,” Evans told me. “It’s a dumb time to be alive and if these accounts make folks a bit happier—even for a second—that’s great. Hopefully people can just scroll through them and get a kick out of them after their long day of protesting systemic racism or going to a job that sucks.”

According to account replies to a few of their most popular tweets, it seems the account is doing just that.

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